I moved to south jersey two years ago and needed a new chiropractor. It was recommended that I go here. The waiting room and patient rooms are always so clean and the staff is always friendly and happy to help with whatever needed. I met with Dr. Nick and he is absolutely incredible. I have continually seen him while living here. He is always very attentive and listens to me and how I feel. I always feel much better after seeing him! Definitely give them a try!
Darianne M.

As a former athlete and now full time in construction, I’ve seen many chiropractors & physical therapists & I am so impressed with Dr. Nick and Wayne Kreiger to say the least. They are very professional family owned/operated and thorough chiropractors who genuinely care about their patients. Their clinical knowledge is second to none and they always follow up with me after my appointments asking how I’m feeling. They are motivating to help patients achieve a level of wellness that focuses on quality of life. Whether you have insurance or not that covers it, they will always find a way to make it work!!! I would highly recommend them!!
Jake W.

I have tried several chiropractors but I stumbled across this establishment and I will not take my business anywhere else. I have had chronic back pain and Dr. Nick has worked masterfully to alleviate all uncomfortable misalignments. The family friendly environment made me feel right at home and comfortable almost as if I’ve known them for years. I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Nick and Dr. Wayne in the future!
Benjamin S.

Both Dr. Kreiger and Dr. Nick are hands down the best in the business. I have been a patient of Dr. Kreiger’s since before I can remember and now I see Dr. Nick as well. They have helped me with my chronic low back pain/herniated discs, with multiple injuries, and throughout my pregnancy/postpartum. Now my daughter is a patient and has been since she was born 17 months ago. Everyone at Garden State Chiropractic is treated like family!
Brittany S.

I work in Maintenance and there’s a lot of times where I strain my neck and my back. Dr. Nick and Dr. Wayne are the best in my opinion, and always help me find relief
Alex A.

They are the best! I’ve been coming here for years now and they never cease to amaze me with the great work that they do. Everything from the knowledge and expertise of the doctors to the friendly and welcoming staff is beyond excellent.
Lorenzo M.

The best chiro around! Both doctors are great, very friendly and very helpful. Helped a ton with sports injuries and other day to day soreness. Always feel great after getting therapy or an adjustment. Highly recommended!
Luke R.

The absolute best around! Dr Wayne and Dr Nick are fantastic and help with anything you need! Highly recommend!!
Nick S.

Dr Nick is THAT guy! Everything has slowly just been feeling beat up and in a week this man brought me back to life. Can’t thank him enough!
Kingdom Gym

Best Father/Son duo in the business!
Devin A.

Dr. Kreiger is the best,he adjusts my entire family. We love him!
Patti Throckmorton Duffy

I’ve been going there since October 2007 they really helped me out a lot.
Cindy Schoenhaar

I have been a patient of Garden State Chiropractic since I was 15 years old. I am now 47. They have helped me recover from minor discomforts and major life impacting injuries. His care was a major factor in my overall recovery. Through his personal experiences, training and expertise, he has continued to provide treatment that targets not only the symptoms, but the cause of the discomfort and pain. There have been times when I could barely carry myself into the office, but I always walked out feeling better.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Brian Mackewich

Garden State Chiropractic’s friendly, professional and very pleasant staff always takes care of my family. It is so easy to make appointments and they always make themselves available. Dr. Kreiger and his excellent staff have helped us over the past five years and without medications to mask our problems which I think is amazing. We are thankful for such a wonderful place to be able to turn to in times of pain. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Kreiger and his amazing staff.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Joanne Reilly

After pitching for 3 years at Saint John Vianney HS with discomfort in my shoulder and then elbow soreness in my 3rd year as well, I had just about given up hope that I would ever be able to throw at 100% again. I visited different doctors and tried different exercises in those 3 years but nothing really seemed to help. Then during the winter before my senior season, my pitching coach recommended that I visit Dr. Kreiger and his EPAT machine. After the first treatment I could feel the improvement immediately. I felt better than I had at anytime for the last 3 years. Then after a couple of more treatments I was completely healed. It felt great throwing without any pain or discomfort. I went 10-0 with an ERA of 1.46 and our team won the NJ State Non-Public A Championship. We were voted the No. 1 team in NJ for 2014. I just want to say thanks to Dr Krieger. Without his help I would not have been able to have a senior season that I will always remember.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Justin Chin

In May of 2012 I broke 3 bones in my left ankle and had 2 surgeries to repair the bones. I have a plate & 8 screws on the outside of the ankle. I was in therapy of more the 8 months just to strengthen the ankle to where I could do normal daily activities. 20 months later there was still quite a bit of swelling which limited me from going to the gym, run and do normal activities. Dr. Krieger & I were at a golf outing in September for MHS Baseball and he mentioned EPAT and said that it may help with the healing process. I did some research on EPAT and finally went to see him in December 2013. After 4 sessions I can tell you that I haven’t felt this good since before the injury. I’m doing all normal daily activities without pain or severe swelling. I have more flexibility & movement in the ankle which now allows me to go back to the gym and continue to the strengthening process. I hope to start running by the spring. I thought that day would never come. I want to thank Dr. Krieger for introducing me to this medical marvel and hope that it can help others with similar injuries. Don’t hesitate like I did just call and talk to Dr. Krieger and talk to him about EPAT. Many thanks to Dr. Krieger.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Anthony Ranieri

The therapy and back adjustments that I receive from Dr. Kreiger and his super staff keep me able to enjoy my family, my friends, to work; to live my life! For more than 20 years now, Dr. Kreiger’s wonderful care and skill has helped keep my troubled spine, my back, neck and muscles, in line where they should be. So when Dr. Kreiger, who I trust so much, explained about a new therapy he could offer, EPAT, that might help the pain in my left foot and leg, I was unbelievably excited and ready to try it! You see, I had been told that I’d always remain with the pain after breaking a bone in that foot in 2005. To my amazement, relief began after the very first treatment! I am in awe of how incredibly lessened the pain has gotten after just a few EPAT treatments! Doc says we’re allowing some time right now for self healing. Who ever would have imagined this amazing pain relief? I can’t possibly thank Dr. Kreiger enough for his caring, wonderful skills and for his ready willingness to learn about new treatments, like EPAT, to help those of us who are fortunate to be his patients.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Sandy Grossman

I have been a patient of Dr. Kreiger for almost 3 years now. He is a miracle worker! I started going to him because I had severe pain in my neck and was getting severe headaches for about 2 weeks which I later found out was caused by stress. I needed some kind of relief, it was a Saturday morning and it was either try chiropractic or go to the hospital so I decided to call Dr. Kreiger’s office and make an appointment. They got me right in to see him that morning. He made some adjustments on my neck and back and I immediately felt relief. After 2 more visits I felt no more pain or headaches. Since then I have turned to Dr. Kreiger anytime myself or my family has needed to relieve any body pain. My son and my daughter are also patients. My son is a high school athlete and has had aches and pains from sports over the years. Dr. Kreiger always gets him back in the game quickly. My daughter has the start of scoliosis and gets back pain once in a while from it and with a few little adjustments, Dr. Kreiger has her feeling relief in no time. Garden State Chiropractic’s friendly, professional and very pleasant staff always takes care of my family. It is so easy to make appointments and they always make themselves available. Dr. Kreiger and his excellent staff have helped us over the past five years and without medications to mask our problems which I think is amazing. We are thankful for such a wonderful place to be able to turn to in times of pain. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Kreiger and his amazing staff.
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Joanne Reilly

I have been in physical therapy for two years, following a fall, down a flight of wet stairs, at the Port Authority in New York City. Immediately after the fall, I was operated on at New York Presbyterian, to repair the severely broken proximal humerus of my left arm. The surgery involved replacing 4 inches of bone, reducing the break, and placing a plate and screws in the arm to stabilize it. The follow up therapy was excruciating, and another surgery had to follow some months later, to remove the plate, and repair and re-attach the bicep muscle. In the months that have followed this trauma, I have been very lucky to have Dr. Kreiger helping me. Our family has gone to him for years, and each person has always benefited from his care and advice. In PT, these last months, as my arm has slowly mended, I have experienced horrble pain. I have entered pain management, and can only sleep on one side. I’ve had only a few hours a day, when I have been able to function, and each afternoon, I I find myslef exhausted by pain, running for the meds, and packing my shoulder and neck in ice. Physical Therapists have told me that I have a a lot of scar tissue, and have been working to reduce that, and help strengthen that arm. The day after each PT session, I have had so much pain, that I have been unable to bear it, and end up throwing up uncontrollably. The situation has been so hard to live with that I have felt as though I may be completely disabled. Last month, on a visit to Dr Kreiger, who has been following my case, he suggested EPAT. He thought it might be a way of reducing scar tissue, without traumatizing my arm, shoulder, and neck. After one treatment, I was able to raise my arm to a degree that I was absolutely unable to raise it before. The pain in my arm and shoulder, has reduced considerably. With subsequent treatments, and reduction of this unbearable pain, I am starting to think I might be able to strengthen that arm and get back to my job, with more certainty than I’ve had in the past two years! I will continue with EPAT treatments, and back care, with Dr. Kreiger. I hope, anyone, who has had a severe problem with shoulders, neck, knees, or ankle injuries, consult with him on EPAT. It just might be the marvel you’ve been waiting for! Many Thanks Dr. Kreiger!
Garden State Chiropractic Center LLC
Susan Mackewich